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VISINTRA® nutritional series complements the ALLÉL Skin Genetic System® and promotes the natural beauty of your skin from within.

Oxy Power promotes a healthy skin glucose metabolism, prevents the formation of harmful AGEs, boosts anti-oxidant activity, and combats free radicals.

Catalase enzyme – one of the most important antioxidant enzymes
Blueberry – for a natural boost of anti-oxidants
Vitamins A and B7 – promotes healthy skin
Vitamin B1 – combats the formation of advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)
Selenium and Vitamin E – protects against oxidative stress and combat free radicals
Chromium – a mineral that promotes normal glucose metabolism

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This food supplement is recommended if you have a key driver in category G and/or A.

Reference Daily Intake: 2 capsules per day with meal

This product and it components do not contain GMO.

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