Collagen and elastin fibers form a structure that maintains the skins firmness and elasticity; however, over time, these begin to disintegrate. One factor that disrupts collagen formation is MMP (Matrix MetalloProteinase), causing the skin to lose its natural plumpness and volume and creating fine lines, sagging and deeper wrinkle formation.
There are particular genetic markers that indicate the inability to well-protect dermal collagen from breaking down. With ALLÉL’s DNA test, it can examine these specific genes and provide a risk analysis. This can then provide evidence to make a precise prediction on the skin’s likelihood to suffer from premature aging as well as loss of firmness and elasticity.

ALLÉL® has formulated the X-Series, which work to promote youthful skin and boost collagen whilst providing optimal hydration. The X-series has been proven in clinical testing to produce significant improvement in skin firmness and elasticity in 100% of test subjects, as well reducing wrinkle depth and volume an average of 20%, after just 28 days of use.
These products contain the following key ingredients:
Neuro-Protective Algae: Smooths the skins surface and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
Nano-Encapsulated Q10 with Vitamin E: Potent energy producer with unique nano-encapsulation to rejuvenate the skin
African Bambara Pea: Regenerates nerve fibers to visibly brighten and smooth dull skin
Moisture-Retaining Polysaccharides & Hyaluronic Acid: for long-lasting hydration


Glycation is the process that occurs when sugars (glucose molecules) bind on to collagen and elastin, degrading these vital skin fibers. As a result, a substance called A.G.E is formed – Advanced Glycation End-products.
Tests have shown that almost half the population is genetically predisposed to reduced genetic protection against Glycation. This means that one in two people lacks the ability to maintain normal glucose levels and energy metabolism that fight off the glycation process that causes tissue damage.
A.G.E leads to an internal aging process with a loss of skin elasticity, reduced ability to regenerate and deep skin wrinkling.

With ALLÉL® G-series, the carefully selected active ingredients in the products are formulated to inhibit the oxidation and glycation formation, meaning they can prevent the collagen from stiffening. The G-series has been proven in clinical testing to produce significant reduction of wrinkle depth and volume after just 28 days of use, in all (100%) of the test subjects.
These products contain the following key ingredients:
Carnosine – Milk Thistle – Vitamin E: Powerful trio of active ingredients to counteract the effects of glycation
Pro-Biotic Kombucha: Patented active with anti-glycation and lipo-filling effects to promote skin glow and reduce wrinkles
Reservatrol – Grapeseed Oil: Unique fusion technology to promote collagen synthesis, hydrate and brightens the skin
Persian Silk Tree Extract: Shown to reduce A.G.E’s in the skin, Refreshes dull and fatigued skin.


Sun exposure plays a significant factor in aging of the skin. When the skin is exposed to the sun, damage can occur at a molecular level, causing a breakdown in the DNA. This then leads to skin aging signs such as dryness, loss of elasticity, wrinkles and an uneven skin tone known as pigmentation

Excessive sun exposure does contribute to the molecular damage; however, an individual’s genes can also play a key role in determining the skins ability to ward of pigmentation. ALLÉL® deciphers these markers and uses them to determine how the skin will age and what products would be best suited to defend and protect your sun-kissed skin further.


ALLÉL® has formulated the T-Series, which is a combination of the T2 Serum, T Cream and Youth Boost supplements. The T2 serum is a powerful retinol and vitamin serum that has been created to be used overnight for a deep penetrating effect on the skin. This works together with the cream and supplements to hydrate and restore skin from UV damage and pigmentation. These products contain the following key ingredients:

Time Released Vitamin A – Retinol: Promotes cell turnover and improves overall skin texture whilst stimulating the skin’s natural rebuilding process; a key skin rejuvenator.

Niacinamide – Vitamin B3:  Anti-aging all-star treatment, rehydrating and skin lightening active

Liposomal Complex – Vitamin C: Unique triple-complex to brighten the skin, reduce pigmentation and even skin tone

Moisturizing Carbohydrates: Award-winning formulation to provide both instant and long term hydration.


Free radicals are reactive molecules that harm important cellular structures in each layer of our skin. These molecules may accumulate as a result of exposure to pollution, UV-rays, stress and smoking. If the body’s own anti-oxidative capacity is overwhelmed, oxidative stress may occur. In the skin, this is considered a leading cause of premature wrinkling, aging and dull skin.
The latest findings in skin research reveal that not all people have the same ability to fight free radical damage. ALLÉL® identify that by looking at individual defense biomarkers, and provide an analysis of how likely the skin is able to defend itself against internal and external challenges.

The ALLÉL® A-Series contain the A2 serum, A cream and OxyPower supplement, that work together to neutralize the effects of oxidative stress and free radical damage whilst protecting and boosting cellular defense.
These products contain the following key ingredients:
Edelweiss Stem Cell Extract: Award-winning active with exceptional 
anti-oxidant properties
Superoxide Dismutase: Unique form of enzymatic super-antioxidant to balance out excess radicals and protect the skin from free radical damage
Kakadu Plum Extract: Contains the world’s highest natural concentration of Vitamin C. Scientifically known to fight oxidative stress and boost the skin’s natural defense
Grape Stem Cell Extracts: Acts as a natural skin rejuvenator, reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity


The skin’s epidermal layer is a protective barrier that is designed to keep out harmful substances whilst locking in moisture to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Various agents can cause skin irritation including perfume, chemicals, pollution etc. Although inflammation is the natural response to external stimuli it may, over time, cause a weakening in the skin.
The latest research indicates that, for a variety of reasons, certain skins struggle with a normal balance in inflammatory response, leading to excessive skin irritation, itching, redness and dry skin. If this process is allowed to continue, a premature aging may occur called ”inflamm’aging”.
Each of the products in the ALLÉL® C-series – C2 serum, C cream and Derma Defense supplements – are perfume-free and dermatologically formulated for skin that is easily irritated. They work together to reduce redness, soothe the skin and rehydrate whilst promoting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory ability and defense. These products contain the following key ingredients:
Marine Micro-Algae: Innovative neuro-soother to reduce problems of the hypersensitive skin such as redness and itching
Magnolia Bark Extract: A potent duo of anti-inflammatory substances that synergistically inhibit a key mediator in both inflammation and aging
Centella Asiatica – Tiger Herb: Traditional Chinese medicinal plant that stimulates elastin and collagen synthesis whilst calming the skin with natural healing properties
Aloe Vera – CM-GLUCAN: Promotes cell renewal, enhances the skin’s self-protection mechanism and helps restore a natural skin barrier


A holistic approach to skin aging and beauty demands an appreciation of beauty from within and without.

Developed by the ALLÉL® team of doctors, VISINTRA® – a nutritional series that is part of the ALLÉL® Skin Genetic System® – provide the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the skin requires for a natural and healthy glow.

YOUTH BOOST: designed to stimulate your collagen and elastin production from within, protect from harmful UV rays and ensure normal skin pigmentation.

Ingredients: Collagen stimulating Indian Gooseberry • Skin Protective Astaxanthin • Energy boosting Capsaicin • Vitamins A-C-E to promote healthy skin • Zinc to support natural Superoxide Dismutase production

OXY POWER: promotes a healthy skin glucose metabolism, prevent formation of harmful A.G.E’s and boost anti-oxidant activity to combat free radicals and pollution effects on the skin.

Ingredients: Anti-aging Catalase enzyme • Blueberry for a natural boost of anti-oxidants • Vitamins A and B7 to promote healthy skin • Vitamin B1 to combat A.G.E formation • Anti-oxidant Vitamins C and E • Chromium mineral to promote normal glucose metabolism • Essential Selenium to combat free radicals.

DERMA DEFENSE: works against inflamm’aging, reducing skin redness and irritations caused from inflammatory skin imbalance.

Ingredients: Rosehip, nature’s own anti-inflammatory power house • Vitamin B complex to promote normal skin health • Vitamins C and E to calm and reduce skin irritation • Zinc for a normal immune response.


The GENIAL products complement the ALLÉL® Skin Genetic System® for a daily skin routine that provides maximum results. Each of these products have been dermatologist-developed and consist of a foaming cleanser, eye cream and SPF30 sun cream.

FOAMING CLEANSER: A silky, luxurious and gentle foaming cleanser for face and neck that dissolves makeup and impurities. Infused with rehydrating Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and a complex of B-vitamins leaving the skin feeling perfectly clean, soft and refreshed.

Key ingredients: Soothing Aloe Vera • Purifying Niacinamide/Vitamin PP • Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid

EYE CREAM: This opthalmologically tested and moisturizing eye cream contains a unique complex of award-winning ingredients to combat wrinkles, especially crow’s feet, reduce puffiness, perform a lifting action of the upper eye lids and lighten dark circles. One treatment for your complete anti-aging eye care.

Key ingredients: Essences of Licorice, Caffeine and Ginger • Persian Silk Tree extract • Hyaluronic Acid • Vitamin C

SUN CREAM SPF30: The Genial Sun Cream is a dermatologist developed and tested facial sun cream providing broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Through the use of advanced stem cell technology, this moisturizing sun cream helps to both protect and repair cells from UV-related skin cell damage.

Key ingredients: DNA protective anti-oxidants • Solar Vitis Grape Stem Cell extracts • Moisturizing Shea Butter and CM-Glucan.