OH LA LA Bahrain

“ALLÉL fuses the science of the DNA lab with the expertise and understanding of scientists, dermatologists and surgeons” – OH LA LA Bahrain May 2018


“Vi åldras alla olika på grund av vår miljö och att vi har olika genetiska uppsättningar” – Internationell framgång för svensk DNA-matchad hudvård

Irish Tatler

”Entering this new dawn of DNA analysis” – Knowing Me, Knowing Me

Harpers Bazaar Online

The ten biggest beauty trends to watch our for in 2018 – The ten biggest beauty trends in 2018

Harpers Bazaar UK

Could the secret to perfect skin be in your genes? A writer and her twin find out – Twin trials: does DNA-based skincare really work?

Emirates Woman

“Of the products we’ve tried and tested over the years, none come as close to our individual skin needs as Swedish brand, Allél” – Skin whisperers: 10 products to add to your beauty cabinet before summer hits

Cosmopolitan UK

ALLÉL is taking part in 2018 Oscars Goody Bag – Here’s what’s in the Oscars £100,000 goody bags

Vogue Arabia

“Hey, if it’s good enough for Margot Robbie, it’s good enough for us” – DNA Skin Care Range Allél Teams Up With Biolite in Dubai

Harpers Bazaar Arabia

Skincare products that are matched to your DNA are the hottest beauty trend at the moment. – Watch the video – Do Skincare Products That Are Matched To Your DNA Really Work

The Gloss Magazine

“Glowing skin was the starting point on every spring catwalk, reflecting a new mood in beauty.” – Why Spring Beauty Is Skin Deep


“Bespoke skincare has been a buzzword for a while, but only a handful of companies are using DNA analysis to concoct customised anti-ageing potions.” – Why a DNA test could change your life

Harpers Bazaar UK

Bespoke beauty is set to be the biggest beauty trend of 2018. – Bespoke Beauty Trend 2018


“I reckon it’s the serum that’s giving my skin that post-shag glow everyone keps commenting on – honestly, my skin looks and feels incredible. It’s better than sex.“ – ELLE UK – February 2018