Beacon Face & Dermatology

The Beacon Face & Dermatology Clinic provides personal individualised patient care delivered by qualified medical professionals only.

Our staff are highly passionate and clinically in all aspects of surgical and non-surgical treatments. This gives us a unique overview of the cosmetic industry.

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Cadogan Clinic

Europe – Great Britain, https://www.cadoganclinic.com/

The Cadogan Clinic is an award-winning dermatological and aesthetic hospital in the heart of Chelsea, London, and home to the global launch of Allel.

It was founded in 2008 as a Centre of Excellence for Skin, intended to usher in a new era of personalised healthcare in the UK.

The Cadogan is home to Europe’s leading specialists and combines multiple disciplines under one roof. The purpose-built medical facility includes state-of-the-art operating theatres, an advanced cosmetic laser suite and a specialised dermatology and skin cancer unit.

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D. Thomas Clinic

Europe – Great Britain, https://www.dthomas.com

Debbie Thomas and her team of experts offer bespoke facial treatments and other targeted skin treatments for specific skin conditions. D.Thomas specialist skin clinic always offers the latest in skin care technology making it a multi award-winning London beauty clinic.

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Estetiskt Hudläkarcentrum

Europe – Sweden, http://ehlc.se

Välkommen till Estetiskt Hudläkarcentrum med erfarna hudläkare som står bakom dina behandlingar. Vi har moderna kliniker på centrala lokalisationer i våra tre största städer med den senaste tekniken inom estetisk dermatologi.

Vi är specialister på huden, dess struktur, pigmentförändringar, rynkor och andra åldersrelaterade åkommor som vi alla förr eller senare kan besväras av. Vi använder oss av den senaste teknologin inom laserkirurgi, injektionsbehandlingar, mesoterapi och kemiska peelingar för att nämna några.  Vi genomför även mindre kirurgiska ingrepp. Självklart är vi certifierade av Estetiska injektionsrådet (EIR).

Våra kliniker ligger under samma tak som Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud, vår systerklinik där du får hjälp med den medicinska dermatologin.

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Mr. Kambiz Golchin

Mr. Kambiz Golchin is an experienced highly trained ENT Consultant & Facial Plastic Surgeon whose pioneering techniques have gained international acclaim from his patients, his peers and the media. He is the principle associate offering pioneering skin rejuvenating treatments at Dr. Rakus’s Knightsbridge clinic in London, as well as running the Beacon Face & Dermatology clinic in Dublin.

Mr. Golchin is also representing Allergan as an International Key Opinion Leader at the Allergan Medical Institute.

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Professional Cosmetic Surgery

Mr Jeya Prakash is a London based Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic surgeon as well as Age Management Consultant with over 3 decades of experience.

His knowledge and understanding of the factors behind skin ageing is based on extensive experience and research in epigenetic aspects of skin, its biochemistry and physiology.

The functions and modalities in quantifying the various treatments and types of healing to reverse the effects of ageing helped him understand the aging of skin and the efficacy of different equipments and products, their limitations and excellence.

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Rozina Ali Reconstruction & Aesthetics

Europe – Great Britain, https://www.rozinaali.com

Aesthetic surgery is that special intersection of the arts, humanities and science – an intricate fusion of compassion, skill and finesse. I believe aesthetics to be a remarkable discipline in its own right and that it is a very profound form of healing.

I’m passionate about harnessing what nature gave you: lifting/reshaping or moving your own tissues, using state of the art techniques to extract, purify and re-use your own tissues – recycling to rejuvenate.

Feeling attractive and confident in your own skin is the ultimate luxury. To me, it is as meaningful as being well-educated, well-travelled, well-mannered… There is inherent merit in being your best self.

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Middle East

Biolite Aesthetic Clinic

Middle East – Dubai, http://www.biolitedubai.com

Biolite Aesthetic Clinic is Dubai’s premier awarded clinic. We provide a scientific approach to skin care, offering plastic surgery, laser hair removal / Ellipse IPL, age-management, skin tightening and acne treatments.

Specializing in utilizing the newest technology, along with our highly trained and international licensed staff, we brings the best techniques from all philosophies.

Our mission is to provide an unparalleled service to our clients delivering the highest quality of clinical care.

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