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What is DNA and how does it work?

The DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) carries all the genetic coding for living organisms with the instructions needed for growth, development and functions.

The famous double-spiral (X) is made up of nucleotides, consisting of polymers of sugar linked to phosphate, with one each of four different nitrogen bases (G, T, A and C) attached to the nucleotides. The sequence of the different nucleotides is highly identical within a species, yet thousands of variations at specific points of the genome occur; these are called Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, or more commonly: SNP. SNPs are variations that can explain differences in your appearance, aging and fitness.

Today, thanks to advanced DNA technology we have defined 16 SNPs that have been verified in two independent peer-reviewed publications. These 16 SNPs will measure the key drivers behind your aging and they are following the 5 different types of aging.

Our DNA test has been validated in over 800 samples at an external laboratory using PCR and Sanger sequencing which gave a 100% agreement in test results.

Genetics Factors to Aging

While it has long been recognized that environmental and lifestyle factors play a key role in skin aging, the advance of more reliable DNA research have shown that as much as 60% of aging is dependent on genetic factors.

Different Types of Aging

There are 5 different types of aging that are affected by genetic factors as well as environmental and lifestyle factors.

Intrinsic-Aging – Your Skin’s Structure
Glyc-Aging – Your Skin’s Energy
Photo-Aging – Your Skin’s Pigmentation
Antioxidant, Your Skin’s Defense
Inflamm-Aging – Your Skin’s Sensitivity

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The Story

ALLÉL® was founded by two best friends, Dr. Anne Wetter, Dermatologist, and Associate Professor Elisabet Hagert, scientist and surgeon.
Recent developments in the scientific understanding of DNA and improved analysis means that it is now know that as much as 60% of aging is dependent on inherent genetic factors. Both Dr Wetter and Dr Hagert believe that DNA analysis is the natural evolution of the skincare industry; the creation of ALLÉL® puts them at the forefront of the new future of DNA inspired skin and healthcare.
Developed in Sweden and Made in Switzerland, ALLÉL® fuses the science of the DNA lab with the expertise and understanding of scientists, dermatologists and surgeons. The ALLÉL® Power of Prediction® DNA test analyzes your individual genetic strengths and weaknesses with regard to skin aging, to allow a better understanding and tailored treatments to suit your skin’s needs.


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